How to install and run the Windows server for TouchNDrive

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How to install and run the Windows server for TouchNDrive

Postby touchanddrive » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:20 am


* TouchNDrive server REQUIRES version 4 of the DotNet Framework or above !


* In-game KEY CONFIGURATION must be the default one

1. Download the server software (zip file) from the Download section of this forum. Check that you downloaded the Windows version and not the macOS version.

2. Uncompress the zip file to where you want to have it. You should get an executable file: TouchNDriveWinServer.exe

3. Run this executable.

In some cases, Windows may throw a warning. If Windows 10 tells you that the file is not from a known publisher, click on t he option to have more information and you should have a button labeled RUN ANYWAY. Click it and the server will run.

If Windows Firewall pops up a message asking if you allow or not the program , ALLOW it (since it is using WiFi, not allowing it will make impossible the communication between TouchNDrive on your phone and the TouchNDrive Windows Server).

4. Once the server is running, you will have listed on the interface a list of IP addresses that the server detected on your computer. Although the server tries to AUTODETECT the most probable IP for you to use, in case the TouchNDrive iOS App does not connect to your server, please review the IP that is being used. It should be your PC's LOCAL IP on the LOCAL NETWORK. If you are having trouble with finding your local IP, please post a topic in the Support section and we'll help you find it.

5. Click the Start Server button and the server should be up and running. You can now connect to it from the TouchNDrive iOS App.

NOTE: By default, TouchNDrive iOS App and the servers use port 8888 to communicate. If for some reason, this port is already used on your computer, please change the port on BOTH the TouchNDrive iOS App connection screen AND the TouchNDrive Server screen (the server must be stopped and restarted for the new port to be used).

At the moment , TouchNDrive servers are compatible only with ENGLISH language. Please set your language in-game (Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator) to ENGLISH.
Although it is probable that the server might handle other languages too (like French, German, Italian, etc), if you are having issues, please do as advised and change language to ENGLISH.

If you are having any trouble following this guide, running the server, or connecting to the server, go to the Support section and we will guide you through.

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